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Established In 1947, Florida Southern Plywood Is A Full Line Specialty Plywood, Cabinet & Lumber Distributor, From Our Warehouse Facilities In Jacksonville, Florida.

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 About Our Live Edge Slabs

Florida Southern Plywood is proud to offer distinctive live edge wood. Each live edge slab is as unique as the tree it came from!

Florida Southern carefully chooses its suppliers of live edge slabs in order to get the best quality wood available. Live edge slabs are ideal for countertops, bar tops, tabletops, benches, desks, headboards, shelving, tables, and cutting boards.

Live edge wood is a very popular material for bringing a unique look to what may otherwise be a very ordinary space. It brings a beautiful organic element to any room by incorporating natural color, texture, and soft, flowing edges.

We carry premium Parota slabs, Wild Chestnut slabs, Monkey Pod Wood slabs and more.

Florida Southern Plywood stocks one of the best and most diverse selections of live edge slabs in North East Florida and Southern Georgia. Give us a call for details about our current inventory.

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Call for Current Inventory of our Live Edge Slabs in Jacksonville, FL.

We carry various sizes of slabs in thicknesses of 1.5″ – 2″. Call us today for our current selection!


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