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Established In 1947, Florida Southern Plywood Is A Full Line Specialty Plywood, Cabinet & Lumber Distributor, From Our Warehouse Facilities In Jacksonville, Florida.

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Our large selection of solid surfaces are handpicked to meet the high-standards of our clients. 

Solid surface countertops are the ultimate in seamless beauty for your home! All large countertop installations have seams, but unlike granite or quartz, the seams in solid surface countertops are nearly invisible. The seamless appearance also extends to the optional integrated sinks, as well as seamless “coved” backsplash.

Solid Surface countertops come in an wide array of colors and patterns, are seamless, non-porous, and stain resistant. Because the color is solid all the way through, it is possible to sand out most scratches. Solid surface countertops are the “most repairable” of all materials. 

At Florida Southern Plywood, we deal exclusively in Hanex and Nevamar solid surface countertops.

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HanexClean. Simple Elegance.


Hanex Solid Surfaces are driven by the desire to make products that enhance life’s journey. They recognize that surfacing is just one component of a successful project – a beautiful space that creates the backdrop for what matters – and what really matters is something that can only be defined by you.

Hanex continually push the boundaries of what is possible to can meet the demands of today’s diverse surfacing applications in our homes, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and more. Ther goal is to enrich the lives of the people who live, work and play in those spaces by understanding what really matters, beyond aesthetics alone.

Features & Benefits Of Hanex


Resists common household stains and cleans easily

Even Temp

Warm and comfortable to the touch



Design and color delivered with dependable consistency


Does not support microbial growth


Hanex Featured Colors

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Nevamar – Moden. Chic. Resilient.

Nevamar is the brand name for durable, high performance, high pressure laminates (HPL). This is the surface solution of choice for high-use applications on surfaces in hospitals, stores, hotels, offices, lobbies, restaurants, and educational institutions. NEVAMAR® comes in a wide assortment of treatments designed to withstand fire, chemicals, abrasions and the general wear and tear of high traffic areas.

For over 70 years, Nevamar has been known for its upscale, stylish and innovative designs, making it a favorite among the A&D community. Featuring a dynamic range of trend-setting styles, our design aesthetics are perfect for customers looking to achieve a more sophisticated vision.

Our proprietary Armored Protection (ARP®) delivers impeccable performance, surpassing rival laminates, while keeping patterns looking new for years to come.

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