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Established In 1947, Florida Southern Plywood Is A Full Line Specialty Plywood, Cabinet & Lumber Distributor, From Our Warehouse Facilities In Jacksonville, Florida.

Our Warehouse

  • 5909 West 5th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32254
  • (904) 786-4382
  • Open Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm
  • info@fspcjax.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your delivery schedules?

We offer deliveries Monday to Friday – Click here for our delivery schedule.

Do I need to make a loading appointment before picking up an order?

No appointment is necessary before picking up your order, just make sure to check our hours of operation.

What's your return policy?

We offer a 7 day return policy on all items, with the exception of special order items.

Do you sell to the general public, contractors or homeowners?

We sell to trademen, homeowners, and contractors and offer fair and competitive pricing for all.

How do you ship your products?

Our fleet of 7 trucks delivers materials to the following counties 5 days a week.

To schedule a delivery, call us directly at: (904) 786-4382

Do you allow cutting on your property? Can you cut my wood?

Unfortunately, for liability reasons, we do not cut lumber/plywood to size or allow cutting on our premises. For that reason, please also make sure the vehicle you are transporting your materials is in large enough to drive safely.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery pricing for residential customers can vary based on order quantity, so please call us first and we can give you a real-time estimate.

In what lengths are your hardwood lumber products available?

All of the hardwood lumber that we stock in our stores is supplied in random lengths that are between 10’ and 12’ in length, depending on the particular item. 16′ lengths are also available as a special order.

I don’t know what hardwood lumber products I will need for my project. Can you help?
At Florida Southern Plywood, we strive to be a resource for woodworkers of all skill and experience levels. Therefore, we not only supply a large selection of hardwood lumber at our warehouse, but our knowledgeable employees can also provide expert advice and answers to any questions. Whether you are a beginner or a do-it-yourselfer who needs to know where to start when taking on a new project or an experienced woodworker with a more advanced question, we can help!
What is pressure treated lumber, and do you carry it?

Pressure treating wood is a preservative process which helps lumber withstand the elements and wards off termites, microorganisms and fungal decay.  Yes, we can special order pressure treated lumber, but we don’t stock it in our regular inventory.

Do you have a showroom I can visit and browse your inventory?

Yes! Our cabinets are displayed in our showroom, and our lumber and plywood inventory is available to view without an appointment. 

When you are looking for quality wood, this is the place. They are always informative and always go out of their way to help the customer. A lot more selection than the local box chains!

Carlos Terry

Jacksonville, Florida
Great bunch of guys. Extremely helpful and friendly. Great prices too. I’ll be a long time customer!

Larry Murr

Jacksonville, Florida
Top quality products; helpful staff office and warehouse

Randall Gober

Jacksonville, Florida
Friendly and easy to talk to, few offer their selection of wood to the public

Jason Jeralds

Jacksonville, Florida

Needed a good quality piece of oak plywood for a large bookshelf/room divider I’m building. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality I found at Lowes and Home Depot so I called Florida Southern Plywood.
They are happy to do small retail orders and if you have a pretty good idea of what you need, the quality here is way above big box stores. Walk in and order the pieces and they bring it out to your truck. They are now on my list of go-to places when I want quality.

Kris. S

Jacksonville, Florida

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